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Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Fanfic Contest
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A fanfiction contest for Reborn! fans.


This community is a tri-weekly fan fiction contest for the manga Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Every three weeks, a new prompt will be posted and the community members interested in participating will sign-up and submit a story before the deadline. You have two weeks to write and one week to read the entries. If you wish to watch the community, that’s fine as well. Just remember to read and review each story. Feedback is always beneficial.

Also, write_and_run is currently in a three month trial period. At the end of it, should we have at least 3 participants for every prompt and 5 voters/reviewers each time, this community will continue.

** Finally, please be aware that the prompts for this community may include gen, het, yaoi, and/or yuri. If you feel uncomfortable with any of that, we suggest you don't participate during rounds that contain a squick or don't join at all if you're unwilling to give other contestants an equal and fair chance.


1. Only fics directly related to this community (i.e. products of the contest prompts and newly written) may be posted here. A link to your actual work is fine.
2. All entries over 100 words must be behind an lj-cut.
3. If your fic is R-rated or over and thereby unsuitable for minors, please f-lock your entry.
4. Every entry should be spell-checked and contain reasonable attempts at grammar and punctuation.
5. All ratings and genres are welcome. Besides the given characters and pairings for a prompt, you are free to use any others you can think of as long as the required characters/pairings are present. However, should the prompt say no pairings, do not include any.

The rest of the rules can be found here. Make sure to read them over carefully before joining.

And now to discuss what every good contest needs, prizes! The winners of each round will receive a banner of their choice and three icons of their choosing. Runner-ups, a banner of their choice and participants of the first three months, a generic banner.


Kyo-at-it is a roleplay competition where characters from past, present or future attempt to win Kyouya Hibari's heart! Whether you are his seme or uke, it's your job to make him like you. Use any tactics, just don't expect Hibari to like you if you handle him inappropriately. We accept canon only, but any roleplayer is allowed. Beginners and experts are welcome to join!

If you’d like to be affiliated with this community, feel free to pm 100paperfans or leave a comment here for one of the other mods to see.

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